Sabah Pharmaceutical Society

The Sabah Pharmaceutical Society is a Professional Body incorporated in 1975 with the objectives of :


To assist in developing the Pharmaceutical Services in Sabah


To assist in improving the Health Services in Sabah


To promote public understanding of the Pharmacy Profession


To uphold the standards and to improve the Pharmacy Profession in Sabah


To strengthen relationships between Pharmacists and other allied Professional bodies in Sabah


To publish magazines, books, journals and newsletters of scientific, professional and general information

The 1998/1999 committee members are as follow :

President : Mr C.V. Chin
Vice-President : Mr Victor Chung
Hon. Secretary : Mr Ivan Lai
Hon. Treasurer : Ms Tan Siew Li
Committee Members : Ms Lo Soo Nyuk
  Mr Chow Thin Sun
  Ms Ching Lai Yi
  Mr Jimmy Lim
  Ms Fiona Rice-Oxley
Hon. Auditor : Ernst & Young
Hon. Legal Adviser : Mr Roland Chin

The Patron of the Society is the Head of State, Tuan Yang Terutama Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sabah,
Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Sakaran Bin Dandai.